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This page was created on 18/02/2007: Chinese New Year of the Pig.

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"Some things are just too important to take seriously."


Welcome to Alkam.Net! I've recently moved my domain over from another host, so decided to set up a brand new webpage to celebrate it.

This page will be slowly updated as I add more content to it. Check back for further details!

Here are some of my other sites:

I have set up a number of other websites over the years, and although some of been taken offline, there are a few that have stood the test of time! Here are a few of them:

My Vox Blog: Vox is closing, so I've transferred my blog to Typepad.

Inspiration, not Expiration: This is my previous no-longer-updated blog

Alkam's Laboratory: A rather ancient site I created some time ago  which has medical student handouts.

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My Flickr Album (Latest stuff)

My Fotopic Album (2004-2005)

Photographs of Australia 2003

Fragrant Garden Gallery 2003